the first

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obviously someone downloaded the first scrivlin version!



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So I’ve got copies of serveral puplets today (I’ve been playing with puppy about a month ago) and started testing. most important to me are te NaNoWriMo and graphpup versions. barebones’ really interesting as well. I’m still going to stick with Enlightenment though for there seems no other way of configure the virtual desktops differently (at least I didn’t find a working solution – any suggestions are appreciated though [especially with xfce or joe])

No new death!

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No, I’m not dead! Neither is scrivlin! I’m still working on that streaming server so I don’t find much time to work on scrivlin but I do! I’m playing around with gOS but I’m just right below 700MB right now. There’s still a lot missing on that scrivlin version though so it’s again gonna be a dvd! Now I’m seriously thinking of giving Puppy or Zenwalk another chance (since the new zenwalk version detects my hardware)


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It’s been a hard week till now! Setting up two web-servers and trying to get another multimedia streaming server up and running aren’t the best conditions for effectively working on the next scrivlin version. I’ve been playing around with gOS2 beta though and found it quite usefull so maybe…

I’m trying to finish scrivlin within this month, publish it, get the wiki going by the end of February so I can publish a second version before I quit my job at the end of March and loose the possibility of playing around with dozens of computers at the same time.

but we move on

Posted in announcement, scrivlin on January 28, 2008 by Martin Prechelmacher

Yes, that’s what we always do…fortunately! Anyway…the very first version of scrivlin can be found here. I recommend to use it only as a first insight into scrivlin though. It is stable allright but as mentioned in my last post, things wont get much smaller with geubuntu.I allready played around with DL…



…and life’s hard

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It does work! but that’s about it. There are two major problems:

a) the .iso ist too big! The very first version was 1.1 gigs so I started removing…now it’s a lot smaller but still too big to fit on a 700MB disk: 860MB. The way I see it the problem is the mixture of E17 and gnome, which makes geubuntu quite confortable but quite large as well so you can’t add too much software.

I found a solution though (at least I hope I did): starting all over again with either LFS (linux from scratch), puppy or DL. My personal favorite right now is dremlinux for it comes with a huge repository – it is based on Debian, Knoppix, Morphix and Elive. Of course I could use Morphix all by itself…well…

Furthermore it comes with Xcfe and Engage-dock, which is again fast and beautifull

b) hosting of large files tends to be either complicated or expensive. Since I’m a student – meaning that I do not have a lot of money – it is complicated. Very complicated. Homepage and that stuff is much easier. I’ll have this blog here, a wiki and forum at wikidot and that was it. Actually I allready have the wiki but didn’t have the time to do anything with it. Not yet.

So guys…wish me the best!



The first sign of life

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Today I finished my very first version of scrivlin, the scrivener’s Linux and this is the very first sign of life! Right now, only a few centimetres away from me the final steps of scrivlin 1.0 are being taken: burning my very own Linux LiveCD! (And I’m not at all talking about a NimbleX LiveCD…)

I’m still thinking about infrastructure and such things. Where do I publish it? Where can I publish it? Should I include a forum for linux-novel-writer’s? All this kind of stuff, you know?

Anyway: I’m very proud of myself right now. I’ll keep you guys up on when, how and where scrivlin will see the light of internet…